Electromagnetic Stress? EMF FreeZone to the Rescue!

by Gary Hewett on January 17, 2012

It’s a simple fact that things running electrical currents, such as wires, generate electrical fields that extend beyond themselves. These Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) can be calculated and measured. It’s an engineering no-brainer. With so many electronic devices in use these days, and so many of them not merely generating passive EMF but actively sending wireless signals to other devices, there is growing concern that these electrical fields are affecting our well-being.

Can we, as humans, feel these fields, or is this all hogwash? Consider that our bodies contain a nervous system that works on electrical impulses. Certain animals and insects, such as sharks and wasps, are attracted to EMF. Now consider that those cute little key fobs and pass cards that magically allow us to unlock doors with a wave before a sensor are typically UNpowered devices that generate electrical signals from power they create from EMF. In other words EMF can be, and are, used to induce even more electrical signals, wirelessly.

EMF aren’t going to disappear any time soon. If anything, they’ll get worse before they get better (if they get better).

Engineers know how to keep EMF and signals from interfering with each other, and even how to block them altogether. But since we probably can’t live inside Faraday cages and continue to lead normal lives, what can we do to keep these signals from affecting our physiological electrochemical systems?

Steve Priebe is personally–and painfully–aware of this problem. His company, EMF FreeZone, arose from Steve’s own experience with being affected by EMF. From his bio:

Several years ago, Steve experienced a perplexing illness, if it can be described as such. One day, Steve could not move, and remained paralyzed for several months while doctors, nurses, family and friends tried to uncover the mystery. They never did. One day, Steve recovered his ability to walk, talk, and eat, but his true resurrection came when he met Peter Webb. Webb’s products spelled the difference, and since then, Steve’s mission has been to share the healing properties of the balancers, purple plates with heart, river rocks and jewellery. You’ll never find Steve not wearing his jewellery or at a restaurant without his Power Tower (one of the balancers).

EMF FreeZone offers products that balance and reduce EMF damage. These products are based on the research of Peter Webb into the effects of EMF on plants, animals and humans. They range from balancers that can adjust the energy of a room, to personal energy balancers and even a soil-balancing supplement.

Balancers range in size and shape from a credit card to a bulk-sized soup can, so you can select the balancer you need to improve and maintain your well being in your home, your office, your car, or even when dining out.

EMF FreeZone has helped thousands of clients over the years to eliminate the adverse effects of environmental stress – and enabled them to live a healthier, happier life at home and work.

In conjunction to waving the Gold Plate over everything that enters our house (groceries, vitamins, anything that we consume), I couldn’t exist without the balancers. Not only is our home balanced, but I place balancers at all of my listings. As a real estate agent, the balancers not only help my properties to sell, but I see a difference in how people interact during Open Houses. Calmness and harmony reign when the balancers are in place. Now, I don’t know how I could live without the balancers and Gold Plates. Steve, keep doing what you’re doing – and encourage people to “just try it” and they will experience the wonderful benefits themselves.

Sheila Gallagher
Sales Representative
Bennett Real Estate Professionals

Steve Priebe installed three EMF Balancers for us to test at Walkley Bowl in Ottawa. During the first week, we noticed a change in our Special Olympics Bowling Leaque. They were much calmer. After the trial period, we removed the Balancers for a couple of weeks and noticed that they were not as calm. Since then, we have purchased the EMF Balancers and are 100% satisfied with the results. The Balancers have changed not only this league, but all of our other leagues; open bowlers would stay longer in the bowling center. And, our profits increased. Soonthereafter, Steve balanced our home in the country. My young daughter now sleeps through the night. My wife and I don’t get headaches anymore.

David Stevenson (League Manager)
Walkley Bowl

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Electromagnetic Stress? EMF FreeZone to the Rescue!


Steve Priebe, EMF Free Zone
Phone: 613.842.4758
Website: http://emffreezone.ca/


Don’t let the bears eat your dinner.
Kim (B.Sc. Engineering)

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